Dental & Healthcare Phone Solutions

State-of-the-art phone systems that work WITH your dental software.

Enjoy all the benefits of modern communication technology tailored to your exact standards.

Keeping up with the competition requires progressive phone technology solutions. Looking to the future needs of our clients, we have been installing VoIP PBX phone systems in our clients’ practices for years.

Is your practice looking to optimize communications while significantly lowering operating costs?

Replacing your traditional phone line with a system operating over Wi-Fi is the clear solution.

Phone Solutions

IT Support from Legend Networking comes with some great stress relieving benefits:

Advanced Phone Systems at a Price You can Afford

Picture all the tools used by your practice:
office phones, mobile phones, fax, Internet, voicemail, and more.

Now picture all the productivity applications your practice employs:
calendars, conference calls, client meetings, e-mail, and messaging.

VoIP combines all these tools and applications
into one simple solution, making it easy to:

  • Hold meetings remotely
  • Integrate patient files w/ EHR data
  • Help employees find each other instantly
  • Access key technologies wirelessly
  • Allow employees to work from anywhere
  • Safeguard against security risks

VoIP solutions from Legend Networking offer several distinct advantages:

  • Affordable – lowered phone costs and no unnecessary fees
  • Beneficial – an improved patient healthcare experience
  • User-friendly – Softphone functionality and conferencing options
  • Dependable – your system is monitored 24/7 and all system maintenance can be done virtually
  • Convenient – enhanced data access, anywhere mobile access, and voicemail to e-mail inbox
  • Green – cut travel costs and paper waste by sharing information online

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